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The constitution, under the reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII, of this new administrative apparatus

It is in chapter VI of the hidden God , chapter entitled “Jansenism and nobility of dress”, that Lucien Goldmann presented his socio-historical explanation of Jansenism, trying to answer the following question: “What was the infrastructure economic, social and political of what we would be tempted to call the first Jansenism, the Jansenism of Barcos, Mother Angelica, Pascal and the tragedies of Racine? ” [2] . Let us first summarize his conclusions. A sociological explanation…

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  True Ali Baba’s cave, the pieces that can constitute the feminine wardrobe are multiple and multifaceted. While some are chosen according to current fashion trends, others, however, remain undoubtedly classic and timeless. This is the case for example of the lace evening dress. The material of this emblematic piece has existed and fascinated for centuries, however it must be admitted that it can prove to be particularly complicated to wear for most of us.…

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The hair Drier wars

Dyson really isn’t the first company to provide ultra-expensive hair sprays, but it is the first that deciphered the mainstream in a meaningful way, because of the brand’s belief of mystique and its own skill in getting its products into the proper hands. For many years, Babyliss has provided. In 2010, it cost $400 (versus the more typical $35 to $150 for a regular drier ); today it is significantly less than $200. But this…

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